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Protecting our Children, Members and Respecting our Local Community

As the summer approaches and all restrictions have ended, the club is welcoming many new family members and existing members are using the club more frequently, which is great to see. Unfortunately though this has already lead to some increased friction with some of our neighbours and also concerns from other members with smaller and younger children about thier safety.

To ensure all parents and guardians are aware of the risks and rules regarding the behaviour and supervision of their children the committee have agreed the following and ask that they be adhered to at all times..

  1. It is every parents responsibility to ensure their child / children are aware of these rules and they are supervised whilst they are at the club.

  2. No ball games, scooters, skate boards, segways or roller stakes should be used on the patio area outside the main clubhouse entrance

  3. No bikes to be ridden anywhere in the club grounds, including the car park.

  4. No ball games inside the club house - bouncing balls on the floor for example or kicking balls in the corridors.

  5. Do not play in the cricket nets or on the cricket covers at the far side of the ground

  6. Do not play on the bowling green or middle of the cricket pitch (square)

  7. Do not play up against the fences on the grass bank - We have kept the grass length long to give the children a boundary line not to go past.

Regarding the grass bank, children are allowed to play on this area at all times, however during cricket games there is a risk that a ball could be hit in this direction. All parents need to be aware of this.

If there is no cricket game in progress, children can play on the outfield etc.

If there are any questions please get in touch

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