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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coombswood open to non-members?

Yes, we are open for visitors. We just ask that if you wish to use our facilities regularly you become a member. Theres more information on how to be come a member in the About Us page.

How do i become a member?

See the About Us page on this website, its got all the information you need, and prices.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes we do. We run sessions for youngsters from just 6 years old with the incrediballs initiative from the WCO. We also have our own youth and adult teams of course and welcome any new cricketer or wanna-be cricketers to come and join us at one of our training sessions

What matches are happening?

All the league matches with dates and venues can be found on our play-cricket site here. Friendlies are ad-hoc and often advised on email updates. only members get these emails but costs start from just £10.

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